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Combining nature, art, and play, to encourage 
exploration, discovery, learning and well-being.

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With every project and every site, we have the opportunity to improve the health and well-being of everyone around us. At nature+play designs, we help brainstorm, plan, design and implement projects that help everyone feel safe, welcome and able to enjoy the settings around them. This means something different for everyone, so listening to the needs of our clients is at the forefront of what we do. Lets learn together how to connect your site and community to nature.


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Outdoor Astronomy Class


Restoring natural systems is at the heart of every project, connecting soil, water, air, animals, plants - it is at the heart of thriving projects

Well - being

Health and peace of mind are key to every successful space, whether it means active, passive, serene or quiet, every space is vital


People, spaces, community, we all thrive when we can connect, whether it is to play, learn, wander, work, love or enjoy our time outdoors


Joy means something different to everyone, that is why spaces and landscapes need to be flexible, adaptable, beautiful and even fun


Flower Buds

Owner's Representative

Owner's Representative

Working with project owner's for

  • project management

  • design review

  • policy updates

  • stakeholder engagement

  • meeting facilitation

  • product recommendations


Coalition Building

Coalition Building

Bringing community partners together to plan for:

  • programs & services

  • functional space planning

  • funding & partnerships

  • resource development

  • community support

  • resource sharing


Design & planning

Design & Planning

Planning and design experience on every project with qualified expertise:

  • Registered landscape architect (WA, OR, MI)

  • Ecologist

  • Environmental Educator

  • Horticultural Therapy

  • Playground Safety trained

  • Backyard Habitat 

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Habitat & Ecological Restoration

Habitat & Ecological Restoration

With over 20 years of experience in the midwest and Pacific Northwest, creating habitats for all species is my passion. Balancing functions, systems and spaces for all to thrive is at the heart of all of our work.

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Green Schoolyards

Green Schoolyards

Over 20 years working with schools and districts to transform campuses to vibrant, healthy and beautiful spaces

  • Campus planning

  • Landscape & feature designs

  • Program development

  • Community partnerships

  • Stewardship

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Policies & Visitor Support

Policies and Visitor Support

Space design is only one piece of successful use - policies and programs support use throughout the days and seasons

  • Partner programs

  • Interpretive signage

  • Policy development

  • Professional development

nature+play designs is a proud member of the Children & Nature Network - inspiring everyone to connect with nature.
Learn more about their exciting work in cities across the country, including Greening of Schoolyards.
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nature+play designs is a certified Woman Owned Small Business as approved by the US Small Business Administration. 
We are happy to support your team in successfully serving your customers.
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nature+play designs is a certified Landscape Designer with the Columbia Land Trust / Portland (OR) Audubon program serving the greater Portland, OR / SW Washington region for habitat design and compliance for property certification.
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