Combining nature, art, and play, to encourage 

exploration, discovery, learning and well-being.

What we do

The landscapes around us have a huge impact on our health and well-being. At nature+play designs, we have over 20 years' experience designing landscapes that promote a healthy environment, encourage exploration, add beauty, and support active play.
At nature+play designs, we listen to our clients and their stakeholders. We design spaces to meet unique needs, sites, and budgets (both to build and maintain). We facilitate discussions, develop concepts and sketches, and prepare final plans and construction documents.
We offer workable solutions, whether our clients are fundraising for a volunteer build or budgeting for a contractor. Either way, we design outdoor spaces that blend environmental design (habitat, gardens, stormwater) with learning and play environments.

As described by one of our 5th graders, Greening of Schoolyards create backyards and micro-local field trips, right at their own school. This is super important for kids who have limited access to nature.

At NPD, we are passionate about making sure EVERY kid has access to connect to nature. I want every child to know how to plant a plant, grow their own food, wonder how a huge tree grows from a tiny seed, explore bugs and worms without fear and hear the birds in the trees. If you are a partner that has resources to contribute to a project, let me know. We are working on plans for projects all over the community. Your nursery's plants, rocks and mulch, contractors rocks or arborists logs can go to good use. Let's repurpose the unused products to help kids connect to nature.

Here at nature+play designs, safety is our first priority. We are happy to meet on-line or at your site with proper safety protocols in place to comply with federal, state and local requirements. Now is the best time to meet outdoors in the fresh air to share ideas about how to safely connect to nature. 

We are starting our schoolyard EcoBlitz program! Using iNaturalist and a mobile device, you can join your school's search for all species on your campus. All of the schools in the Vancouver Public Schools are loaded and ready to go. Go on an adventure, join your school project and see what you can find!

nature+play designs is a proud member of the Children & Nature Network - inspiring everyone to connect with nature.
Learn more about their exciting work in cities across the country, including Greening of Schoolyards.

Reach out and let's chat. I'll bring the tea and we can talk about how we can help.

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