With over 20 years of experience, we are familiar with the details to help make spaces successful and sustainable for years to come. We love talking with stakeholders to understand the variety of needs for each site. Designs that meet the needs of all users, like the PT/OT staff, recess para-educators, custodians, principal and after care daycare staff. Safety and accessibility meeting thoughtful and fun layouts with cost effective materials. 

Here are a few of the projects that are in the ground. Feel free to stop by and take a look. Let me know is we can answer any questions for you.


Vancouver, WA

Established 2015

Harney ES's PTA raised monies to develop their outdoor learning features. A master plan was developed with stakeholders and volunteers installed features with students.

 - Nature Play area                    - Outdoor classroom

 - Paved loop path (1/5th m)    - Math Celebration garden butterfly friendly


Vancouver, WA

Established 2012

Hough's Green Team (the whole school) developed a master plan for "Our Backyard Fieldtrip" and wrote grants to install a variety of features over 7 years.

 - Strawberry patch                -  Tree house themed accessible play

 - Outdoor classroom            - Nature and play features

 - Discovery zone                   - Learning stations

 - Spring parade bulbs          - Butterfly garden


Camas, WA

Established 2017

Woodburn ES's PTO fundraised to transform underutilized spaces into destinations. Harnessing the power of motivated volunteers, stakeholders went from master planning to built projects.

 - Nature Play area                 - Park trailhead outdoor classroom & kiosk

 - Outdoor classrooms          - Campus master plan with learning stations


Vancouver, WA

Established 2017

Students and staff of this alternative high school developed ideas to support curricula goals to create a comprehensive master plan.

 - Enhance greenhouse area          - Raised garden boxes

 - Outdoor classrooms                    - Entry habitat garden

 - Stormwater bioretention             - Loop path


Vancouver, WA

Established 2017

Horticulture students and staff wanted to help their school by updating an underutilized courtyard space, right outside the principal's office. Working together to share their vision, NPD developed detailed plans and plant lists to create their new Tranquility Garden. Students worked with VPS grounds staff to learn how to use tools and install the features.

 - Concept plan                                - Pathways

 - Planting plans                               - Art display areas

Reach out and let's chat. I'll bring the tea and we can talk about how we can help.

PO Box 666

Vancouver, Washington 98666



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