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A little slice of nature.....

Thousands of people drive by this site everyday, but most don't know that 33 acres of natural area is theirs to enjoy, right in central Vancouver. Thanks to Betty Swanson in 2016, Clark County is the caretaker for the Curtin Springs Wildlife Habitat

site just south of Padden Parkway. Out of my time at the County, this was by far one of my favorite projects. Years earlier, while in Parks, we had the chance to meet Betty and learn about her family farm with view of Mt. Hood. She was very clear about what she hoped the site would become in the future. That conversation, years later, lead to the development of the Stewardship and Restoration Plan for the site. I was super happy and eager to author the document and collaborate with a wide range of partners to see the site develop. Hundreds of volunteers have donated their time in the past few years, a few thousand plants have been added for habitat and the County oversees the maintenance of the agreement they made with Betty. Thanks Mrs. Swanson, the barn owls and I thank you.

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