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Green Schoolyards for Climate Action

Yes! I think Green Schoolyards are one of the first places to focus our attention to support positive changes for our Earth. School districts are large property owners in many communities. Let's open those lands so that people can access those properties, add lots of layers of green, and develop the next generation of Land Stewards.

Have you read the amazing book "Braiding Sweetgrass?" We need for our kids to not only see the plants, birds and insects so they are not afraid, but more importantly, truly understand the connections between all the species and how that affects the health of our planet and then us.

Please take some time to read through the ASLA 10 projects highlighted for 2021 on Climate Action. The project I highlighted is a promise that you don't need a lot of money to make a HUGE difference for the planet and the students that now have some ownership in that little piece of nature on their school grounds. The gardens at Hough Elementary in Vancouver, were planted over a series of years for less than $7,000. If every neighborhood could invest $5,000 in plants in their neighborhood school.....image the impact!!!

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