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Connecting with nature is more important.... than ever! With the current state of the world, everything seems to be changing or standing still. People are experiencing such a wide range of emotions, it is only natural to look for some relief, some way to calm. There is almost always a calm that comes when you step outside. A walk on a trail, a stroll through the forest or a visit to a garden can all provide an outlet for feelings. Even if you can only step out your door, look up to the sky or listen for the birds.

And if you have little ones around, their boundless energies need an outlet. In Vancouver, we can still visit our local parks for solo adventures away from friends. But we are finding new ways to visit. When my kids said they wanted a fun adventure for PE class, we discovered an obstacle was awaiting at a local school. We let them make up the games and had a ton of fun!

Make sure to take time for yourselves. Take kids outside and let them wander a little,

get their shoes muddy and dance in the puddles. We will all fill a little better

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