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Found an old friend.....

We have come so far this past decade in our community regarding nature play and kid's access to the Great Outdoors! This video was made by an incredibly talented videographer for a fund raising event to add nature play to our local community park. Marshall Park is a true gem and hub to a community.

Ironically, the nature play will be replaced and things will change. But the thing we realize, that play has to be for all kids, of all abilities. Kids who need to climb to dizzying heights, kids who like quiet play, imagination play, group games, individual challenges and everything in between. And families should be able to play with them too and engage all of the senses.

Thanks to all of the partners in our community who have listened to the stories and needs. Our early childhood care facilities, local schools, parks and so much more. Kids need daily access to nature to calm down, learn about the spaces around them and engage their senses. I mean, didn't we all get a little dirt under our nails as kids and scrape our knees? Those are some of the best memories of my childhood!

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